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Rally Cap

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For 2024: for players born in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 (Ages 7 & Under)

  • All Players born in 2018, 2019 and 2020 should play in Rally Caps.
  • Players born in 2017 who HAVE PLAYED AT LEAST 1 YEAR OF RALLY CAPS BASEBALL can play in either Rally Caps or Grand Slam, whichever the parents and player prefer.
  • Most players born in 2017 who HAVE NEVER PLAYED ORGANIZED BASEBALL should play in Rally Caps. However, if you and your child born in 2017 have practiced throwing, catching, and batting and they are comfortable playing with children 2 years older, then your player can play in the Grand Slam age group if you prefer.
  • Registration fee for Rally Caps is $93


This program is our introduction to baseball for our youngest players. Special safety bats and balls are used. Boys and girls learn fundamental baseball skills in a fun and non-competitive environment.

  • The players are divided by shirt color into different ‘teams’. Every Rally Caps session will include a mixture of skill development and a modified baseball game. Many baseball skills are taught in the form of fun games for these young ballplayers.
  • One parent per player (or other designated adult or teen companion) with their own baseball glove, should be on the field with their child during every Rally Cap session. The adult will sometimes assist the coach who is teaching a skill or running a teaching game, and sometimes will be working one-on-one with their child under the coach’s guidance. 
  • Different colored hats (grey, black, green, blue, red) can be earned by each player that meets the requirements for throwing, receiving, hitting, and general knowledge of the game. (A player may earn up to two hats in a season.)
  • These young athletes will gain confidence as they progress through each level, evident by throwing father, fielding more accurately, hitting more effectively and increasing knowledge about the game.
  • The Rally Cap Program is a great way for children to learn to love the game of baseball and to begin developing the skills they need to play it.
  • All players keep their ball cap and shirt at the end of the season.

Schedule and Playing Season

  • Baseball season begins in early May, weather permitting. The season ends in late June.
  • You can play Charleswood Rally Caps on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday evenings from 6:15 to 7:15 pm, at fields in Charleswood located south of Westdale Junior High School, and north of Beaverlodge School.  Teams play on those fields every session, with the same group of Rally Caps players and families.

Equipment You Need to Provide

  • Baseball glove
  • Batting helmet
  • Water bottle labelled with the player’s name
  • Each player’s parent or on-field companion should also have their own baseball glove and water bottle.


Please see home page for registration information.

CMBA Policies

* CMBA Registration Fees include the per-player fees charged by WSMBA, Baseball Manitoba, Baseball Canada, and the City of Winnipeg. With the remainder, CMBA pays for team equipment, uniforms, and field maintenance.