For Ages 15 & Under


The baseball season begins in early May, weather permitting. 15U plays three games per week, varying among Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings for “A” League Players and Monday, Wednesday and Sunday nights for “AA” League players.. Regular season games begin at 6:30 p.m. Coaches usually require their players to arrive 45 minutes earlier for pre-game warm-up. 15U leagues finish the inning that is under way at 8:30 p.m. (if the game hasn’t ended before then). Most teams have at least one scheduled practice during the week, in addition to the two games.  Coaches try hard to schedule make-up games for those that are rained out.  So, some weeks you may play three games or on unusual nights.


15U teams will still be playing baseball into July. For “A” League players, the regular season and playoffs will go until mid-July.  For “AA” League players, playoffs may go through late July.


Charleswood, Tuxedo, and Corydon Baseball combine to form one AA team at each age level.  An additional fee is charged to try out for the AA team.

We form A teams based on the Play With requests on the registration form, trying to keep Charleswood players on Charleswood-based teams as much as possible.  However, each year, to make teams of equal numbers of players, some A teams also have players from Tuxedo and/or Corydon Baseball, and some Charleswood players are assigned to teams based in one of those other clubs.  We have a policy for A teams that players who are asked to play in Corydon or Tuxedo one year are assigned to a team based in Charleswood the following year.


Registration Fee: $205.00 *

Uniforms (jersey, socks, cap) are provided by Charleswood Baseball.  All players must provide their own GRAY baseball pants. CMBA also requires a postdated cheque for $50 as a uniform deposit. This cheque will be destroyed upon return of the player’s uniform at the end of the season. Please return your freshly-washed uniform to your coach or team manager immediately after the season.  Cheques will be cashed if clean uniforms are not returned by September 1st.

Divided into “A”, “AA”, and “AAA” levels.  The “A” and “AA” Leagues play city-wide. Pitch count limits are enforced.

Equipment required: baseball glove, athletic supporter, helmet, and water bottle and GRAY baseball pants. Although not required, batting gloves and baseball shoes (soft cleats or metal cleats) are highly recommended. Players may use aluminum bats, as long as the barrel diameter is 2-5/8” or less, and the weight of the bat (in ounces) minus the length of the bat (in inches) is -3.


Please contact for information.

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CMBA Codes of Conduct for Players, Coaches and Parents describe the kinds of behavior we expect from our athletes and their parents.  In simplest terms this is responsible, respectful and sportsmanlike conduct with regard to teammates, coaches, opposing players, umpires, and fans. Controlling one’s own behavior and representing CMBA with class and decorum are clear expectations. Your coaches will all have signed these pledges, and will ask players and parents to also sign their Codes of Conduct as teams are formed.

* CMBA Registration Fees include the per-player fees charged by WSMBA, Baseball Manitoba, Baseball Canada, and the City of Winnipeg. With the remainder, CMBA pays for team equipment, jerseys, caps, socks, field maintenance, umpires and the cost of the indoor pre-season assessment.