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For 2024: Players born in 2013, 2014, 2015 (Ages 11 and Under)

  • All players born in 2013 and 2014 should play in 11U.
  • All Players born in 2015 who HAVE NEVER PLAYED ORGANIZED BASEBALL should play in Grand Slam.
  • Players born in 2015 who HAVE PLAYED AT LEAST 1 YEAR OF GRAND SLAM BASEBALL, and who WANT TO PLAY IN GRAND SLAM this year, should play in Grand Slam.
  • Players born in 2015 who HAVE PLAYED AT LEAST 1 YEAR OF GRAND SLAM BASEBALL and HAVE GOOD BASEBALL SKILLS FOR THEIR AGE and ARE OK PLAYING WITH PLAYERS ONE and TWO YEARS OLDER, can either age-advance one year early to play in 11U-A, or can play in Grand Slam, whichever the parents and player prefer.
  • Registration fee for 11U is $225/Optional AA Tryouts are $40

** PLEASE NOTE:  Regardless of skill level, all players born in 2015 who want to age-advance and play in 11U-A this year will be assigned to an 11U-A team.  All spots on the 11U-AA team(s) are reserved for players born in 2013 and 2014 only.


  • This is the first age group where players pitch, scores are recorded, games have umpires, and playoffs happen at the end of the season. 
  • Both the A-League and AA-League use a continuous batting order, where all players on the team bat in order whether or not they are playing in the field.  There is unlimited substitution at all fielding positions. 
  • Game length is 6 innings.

Schedule and League Play

  • The baseball season begins in very late April, weather permitting.
  • Teams play 2 games per week, on TuesdayThursday, or Sunday evenings, or Saturday or Sunday afternoons in early May. 
  • Games do get rained out, and coaches need to schedule make-up games, so some weeks you may play three games or on unusual nights. 
  • Evening games begin at 6:30 p.m., and typically finish before 8:30 p.m. Afternoon games begin at 2:00 p.m. Coaches usually require their players to arrive earlier for pre-game warm-ups.
  • The A-League plays entirely within Winnipeg South. Expect at least one additional practice per week for A-League teams.
  • The AA-League plays city-wide. Expect at least 2-3 additional practices per week for AA-League teams.

Season End Dates, Playoffs and Provincials

  • Players in the A League:  will all participate in the Winnipeg South playoffs in late June. A-league players whose team qualifies for the Zone 1 A Provincial Championship tournament will be playing baseball through mid-July (with NO games on the July long weekend), all within the Winnipeg Metro area.
  • Players in the AA-League will ALL be playing in the City Championship tournament during the July long weekend. The tournament does not end until early July. AA players whose teams qualify for Provincials will play baseball through mid-July.

Team Formation

  • Charleswood, Tuxedo, and Corydon Baseball combine to hold AA tryouts, and then form 1-2 AA-League teams at each age level. Your player must add the AA Tryouts Package ($40) in addition to your player’s basic registration package if they want to attend AA tryouts.
  • The convenors from the 3 clubs form A-League teams based on the Play With requests on the registration form, with the goal of forming teams of about equal ability level.
  • We try to keep Charleswood players on Charleswood-based teams as much as possible. However, most years, some Charleswood teams also have players from Tuxedo and/or Corydon Baseball, and some Charleswood players are assigned to teams based in one of those other clubs.

Equipment You Need to Provide

  • baseball glove
  • batting helmet with working chin strap
  • athletic supporter
  • water bottle labelled with the player’s name
  • A Teams: Gray baseball pants
  • AA Teams: head coaches can choose the color for their team’s baseball pants

Although not required, batting gloves and baseball shoes (rubber or plastic cleats only) are recommended.

Many players, especially on the AA teams, bring their own personal bat. Bats must be a barrel diameter 2 ¾” or less and a length of 32″ or less. Bats labelled Softball cannot be used.


Please see the home page for registration information.

CMBA Policies

Codes of Conduct

CMBA Codes of Conduct for Players, Coaches and Parents describe the kinds of behavior we expect from our athletes and their parents. In simplest terms this is responsible, respectful and sportsmanlike conduct with regard to teammates, coaches, opposing players, umpires, and fans. Controlling one’s own behavior and representing CMBA with class and decorum are clear expectations. Your coaches will all have signed these pledges, and will ask players and parents to also sign their Codes of Conduct as teams are formed.

* CMBA Registration Fees include the per-player fees charged by WSMBA, Baseball Manitoba, Baseball Canada, and the City of Winnipeg. With the remainder, CMBA pays for team equipment, jerseys, caps, socks, field maintenance and umpires and the cost of the indoor pre-season assessment.